Cold? Exposure of the Super Head 108, 72 goals, staying up late to see the national football game, did not receive the information

Beijing Time November 28, 2019, Tianjin global markets live cnn TEDA official Xuan: Tianjin football flag Cao Yang will retire after the end of this season. The news makes the vast fans very emotion, especially the Tianjin fans, after all, Cao Yang is a Tianjin football banner, but also a active player, and now there is a little uncomfortable.

Cao Yang is a famous guardian in the history of Tianjin football, and the total number of goals in Tianjin TEDA is only less rooted, and it is the second multi-player in the history of the team. In the Chinese football, there were 4 players called the banner of Tianjin football history. They were the sound of the midfield, the fast horse Huo Jian Yan, the old will be rooted, and the defender is Cao Yang. The left tree is a famous country in the 1980s. He was also a national football team; Huo Jianyan was selected to pass the national Olympics, which is a famous fast horse in Tianjin team; Yu Guan is news on air news at 9 today the success of the 2002 national football team; Cao Yang is Tianjin team With knife guard.

One of Tianjin Football Flag: Left Tree (Middle Field)

The left tree of birth in 1958 is a famous Chinese men’s football team in the 1980s, and it is also a banner of Tianjin football. According to the information, the left tree began to contact football at the age of 6, and it was already the main player of Tianjin team at the age of 17. At the age of 19, it was selected for the Chinese men’s football team. The left tree sounds in the middle, the attack and defensive, the technical first-class technology, and Li Tie is similar to the famous “running” of the national team, but he is more delicate than Li Tie’s technology. 1982 Spain World Cup qualifier, left tree sound and Yongxiang, Gu Guangming, Chi Shangbin, Huang Xiangdong, Shen Xiangfu et al. Formed a national football in “the strongest” star post tamil in history, and scored only half steps from the World Cup finals .

At that time, Saudi deliberately put water in New Zealand, and the national football team was defeated in the surcharge 1: 2 wishes New Zealand, and eventually missed the World Cup. 1986 Mexico World Cup, China 1: 2 lost Hong Kong, the national football team at the time is the left tree, the loss of the game is the left tree and all Chinese players and Chinese fans. The data shows that the left tree has a total of 23 balls in the national team. Whether in the national team or a Tianjin team, the left tree sound is the main player of the midfield. The left tree is absolutely a big banner of Tianjin football.

Two Tianjin Football Banner: Huo Jianwan (Forward)

Huo Jianwan, born in 1963 is also the banner of Tianjin football history. Compared with the other three, Huo Jianwu’s reputation is not too ringing, and now the fan may know much about it. Huo Jianwu’s trumpet, the speed is very fast, is a typical fast horse. Huo Jianyan is known as “Rocketboat” because of the Tianjin fans. Huo Jianyan was elected to the National Olympics of the Gao Fengwen, and the team came to fight 1988 Seoul (now South Korea Soul) Olympics. In 1995-1998, Huo Jiann has been playing in Tianjin TEDA team, and in 1998, he worked helping Tianjin team a success.

Three Tianjin Football Banner: Yu Gen Wei (Forward)

The born in 1974 is another big flag of Tianjin football history. Yu Guanwei is a famous technical force in China’s football, his technology is very comprehensive, and short-range explosive power is first class. Yu Ruwei was selected for the country, the national, the country, the country, the nationalo, and the national team team. The 1996 Olympic qualifier group race, I scored 2 goals in Ruowei. In 1997, Yu Ruwei was selected for the national team of the temporary era, and the team was issued with the 1998 French World Cup qualifier Asian Top 10. In 2001, Yu Ruwei was selected in the Milu Era National Team, and helped the national football 1: 0 to defeat Oman, and helped the Chinese team historical break into the World Cup final. Since then, the role has also participated in the 2002 Korean World Cup. It can be said to be the national foothold.

In 1993-2005, Zhu Rui got 198 in the top league in the top league, directly scored 75 goals. In 1996, 22-year-old Zhenwei won the A a year’s best newcomer award. In 2005, the Tianjin team was played 25 times in the representative www latest news in hindi of the Ruwei, and it was 12 goals. This is also the most played in the game. The data shows that Yu Rui’s total representative Tianjin team has played 220 times and scored 83 goals. The national football horses are worthy of Tianjin football banner.

Tianjin Football Flag 4: Cao Yang (defender)

Cao Yang, born in 1981 is a big banner in the history of Tianjin football, and is also a active player in Zhongchao. On November 28, Tianjin TEDA Club official Xuan Caoyang will retire after the end of the game this season.

Data of 29 rounds of data in the Super League, Cao Yang represents Tianjin TEDA to participate in 424 official competitions, including 383 games, 18 Football Association, 15 Super League competition, 7 Super Cup games; 56 goals, including 51 goals in the league, 3 into the ball, the AFC competition 2 goals. In addition, current news update Cao Yang followed Tianjin TEDA to fight for 19 seasons, and during the 13 consecutive seasons in 13 consecutive seasons in 2002. Previously, the record of the roots was in the 12 consecutive season.

Cao Yang has also selected a national team, and a total of 43 national teams have been played, of which 32 are international A, and they have a total of 2 goals. In 2002, in China 2: 2 Ping Baolin’s friendly match, Cao Yang scored 1 goal. In 2008, in China 1: 0 Jordan’s friendly match, Cao Yang entered the only goal. On September 24, 2000, Tianjin TEDA was 1: 1 flat Shenzhen Ping An, the second half of the second half, Cao Yang replaced Lu Xin, completed the first show in TEDA.

Zuo Shu, Huo Jianyan, Yu Guanwei, Cao Yang 4 people are the banner of Tianjin football history.
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