China’s general association team came, China Basketball Professional League has a college team for the first time.

Beijing Normal University women’s basketball team members, senior students, senior students, I have never thought about itself, I can stand in the Top WCBA of the Chinese Women’s Professional Basketball Top League WCBA.

But on November 15th, she is with Chinese college students with many colleges and universities from Beijing Normal University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Mining University, Sichuan Normal University.The Sports Association (hereinafter referred to as the “China General Association”) first landed in WCBA.Players are in training.

Players are in training.

Zhang Jingyi and teammates have become a historical experience in the development of Chinese school sports. However, on November 15th, their impression of the WCBA’s first show, not only excitement, but also impact.

Toping a student event, as a score-defense, Zhang Jing, is rarely being served by the other players, but in the game of the Ledagar, Zhang Jing, who found himself in the other party in the game of the Leden defending champion Inner Mongolia, November 15. Defense, plus the other player people high, she often can’t see the teammates who want to pass the ball.

“The body of the professional league is really too strong, I feel that our level is really greatly improved.”Zhang Jingyi said.

That game, China’s general association team finally scored 47:97 score in Inner Mongolia. However, this grade is not accidentally unexpected. From the strength of the two teams, the Student Army is definitely a small gap compared with the defending champion, and China’s general association team participates in the value of WCBA is not reflected in one or two games. Take a victory.

Zhao Xing, director of the China University Student Sports Association Project Department, introduced Zhongqing News,, said that China’s general association team can participate in WCBA has these backgrounds:

First, the Chinese women’s basketball team, China’s three-person women’s basketball team is good at the
Tokyo Olympics, but there is a lot of space since the foundation and development of Chinese women’s basketball, and colleges and universities are transported in basketball talents, and cultivating an important role. China University Student Basketball League CUBA continues to transport the players in the top professional league in China, WCBA;

The second is the development of basketball in colleges, from the aspects of training, team construction management, research methods, etc., compared with professional systems, but college players usually have to wait until graduation, they can enter professional system, accept higher levels. Exercise, cultivate;

The third is that Chinese students ‘women’s basketball team is expected to win the card next year, in order to prepare for the Chengdu Union, Chinese students’ women basket also hopes to have a better exercise platform.

Since the college players will choose to participate in all clubs in the League and accept the work of exercise, it is also facing many inconvenience factors, and China’s general cooperation is forming a college team to participate in the WCBA.

Zhao Xing introduced that the general association will send a team to the Chinese Basketball Association by the end of September. Only two or three weeks have received the active response of China’s Basketball Association, identify the feasibility of the general association team. .According to the General Association of China’s Basic Association and China Basketball Association to participate in the WCBA program, the general association team only participates in the WCBA regular season this season, and only grades, no points and ranking.

Zhao Xing said that the general association team can participate in WCBA and there is an objective reason, which is affected by new coronal pneumonia, this season’s WCBA continues to be held in the meeting system, plus the current national government integration, Make the general association team to participate in WCBA to become a reality.

Since the first game of November 15, China’s general association team has participated in the 4 rounds of WCBA this year, and it has achieved 3 wins and 1 loss, and the team’s head coach Li Shi Nan seems that the whole team The exercise effect is still very obvious.

Li Shi Nan believes that the exercise of the psychological level of the team is more obvious than the team’s technical level is improved by participating in the league.

“After all, the specifications of the game are different. The psychological pressure of the players is also different, but it is this pressure to exercise a better mentality in their participation in the competition.” Li Shi Nan said.

After the defending champion Inner Mongolia women’s basketball team lost, Li Shi Nan was more encouraged and comforted to the players. “Now the dolls are very smart, they know what the tasks and purpose of their participation, so they don’t have to pass Talk more about the game’s loss. “

Zhang Jingyi recalled that game, she still felt impressive. She saw the gap between her team and the professional team, but also known that a mission of this college team is very important to attract more college students to participate in basketball through the top league. Sports, she and teammates work hard to show their best side.

For college players, the participating professional leagues really need more efforts, Li Shi Nan introduced, because the players must take care of the study, usually in the morning, in the afternoon training, some players also have to complete homework or write papers at night. However, learning to maintain the balance of academic and training has been a must-have for these college players.

Zhang Jingyi said that “We have always necessary to take care of training and learning since he goes to college. This time, it will not feel much hard.”

Various opportunities have contributed to Zhang Jingyi and her teammates to become a group of lucky college sports, but the general association team can become a unknown unknown for WCBA and even other professional leagues in China.

The general association team participated in the WCBA, and the scope of scope was not allowed to rank, and the other teams did not constitute a threat of grades, which greatly reduced the clubs of the League to participate in the general association team. But it is difficult to say that the general association team will always be like this requirement to have no results.

The next season, the general association team continues to participate in WCBA and to participate in WCBA, it is still to be discussed, as for the universal association team in other other leagues, it is also difficult to participate in this general association team Answer in the case of WCBA.

From the history of the domestic contest, such as the National Games, the voices of the general coordinate team have been very high, but they have never been implemented, which is more concerned with the participating units in the Games. There is a big relationship.

However, in the context of the national construction of sports strong country, with the continuous development of domestic school sports, the integration of physical education has become trend, more and more competitive sports talents come from the campus. It is already unstoppable development direction, and the domestic professional league. Docking with school sports, cooperation will continue to strengthen the general trend.