Children in the event site In recent years, baseball is getting more popular in the world. In order to better promote baseball, MLB has gradually carried out popularity of baseball around the world. This includes many countries and regions that are considered to be a cold baseball in the past. Recently, MLB brought this boom to “Football Kingdom” Brazil, and they held Baseball Interactive Activity “Play Ball” in Brazil.Many regions represented by Brazil are changing the cognition of baseball. As the focus on MLB is getting higher and high, MLB hopes to find high-level professional players in the local area, with this more and more local small fans I also hope that I can show my hand in MLB.One of the core philosophy of Play Ball is that the dream originated from childhood, the project founded in 2015, the current baseball popularization activities guided by this concept have all over the world.There are currently hundreds of activities in the US, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Canada. This MLB officially took the event to Brazil, it can be seen that they are very interested in promoting baseball in this South America.Nielsen survey data has shown that the average age of MLB fans has reached 53 years old, and aging trends is obvious. Under this trend, it is a good way to develop fans in emerging markets to cultivate fans, love sports, very enthusiastic on sports, Brazil, is naturally a good choice.Previous Play Ball eventThis week, Play Ball event organized a three-day activity in 3 parts of Brazil, attracted more than 600 participants and some players with large alliance backgrounds. Play Ball event was held in Sao Paulo, starting from Bastos (Bastos), followed by Marilia, and finally ended in MLB Brazil.Wu Perqin also praised the madness of the Baseball in Marlia. She called the Brazilian baseball, and the activities held there attracted 260 children. In the first two events, the Space Strong Space Team New Show in the Wilder / Field Word Victor – Kicketono and Pitcher Total also came to the scene and the children interact.In the event, MLB brought many baseball elements for children, including home run strike, running, baseball game. The children also received a package, baseball as a gift, but also put on a T-shirt and wristband with baseball logo.Brazil’s first large union player Gomez”This is part of the basic event. We have conducted some activities in Brazil, but this time we are more grand, you can attract more than 200 children every day.” MLB senior Vice President Wu Peiqin said.Brazilian is increasing, and the MLB has also established a baseball elite development plan in the past few years, and the Brazilian Baseball Federation has established a Baseball Elite Development Plan. The program aims to cultivate Brazilian stars. The program has reached 10 contracts in the past few years. In addition, MLB also organized two coaching developments in Brazil to cultivate high levels of coaches.According to statistics, MLB has signed more than 50 Brazilian players, and the Brazilian players who boarded the big alliance have the following three, the national team catcher-Gomez, he officially entered the big alliance in the Blue Birds in 2012, he also The first Brazil player in MLB in history.In addition, Pitcher Andrid Re-Rianzu (2013 ~ 2014 White Sox, 2015 Marin Fish) and Wrong – Orlando (Royal 2015 ~ 2018) is also effective in the big alliance, where Orlando has also entered the world with the royal team in 2015. The competition became the first Brazilian player in the history of the world and the first world competition.The first Brazilian player in the world contest OrlandoAt present, the next Brazilian star worthy of focus is Pitted Eric Padeno, and he is currently ranked 7 in the blue bird’s rookie list. 18 years old, in 2018, the new show club was first sent, creating 2.88 ERA and 1.06 WHIP value (per game rate). He was 16 years old to cast a 150 mile of speed on the WBC.MLB’s efforts in Brazil will make more Brazilian youth junior advice, with star players’ leaders and a large number of popular activities are conducive to the development of baseball in Brazil, we can see that MLB has been in Brazil.Although the current Brazilian baseball strength and the same South American Venezuela have a big gap, the baseball is far more than the football, but with more than Play Ball activities in Brazil, we have reason to believe that the baseball will go Brazil landed roots, and the MLB version of “Nemar” will be closer to us.