CCTV5 live football night + national football topic + Belgian men’s foot vs Wales + ATP year-end finals

CCTV5 live football night + national football topic + Belgian men’s foot vs Wales + small Germany ATP year-end finals

Beijing Time November 17 (Wednesday), Wednesday, because it is Zhou Zhong, today’s CCTV sports event live broadcast is relatively large, 4 platforms will live the World Cup European Qualifiers and ATP men’s tennis.

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At 3:35 in the morning, CCTV Sports Channel CCTV5 live broadcast 2022 Qatar World Cup European E Group’s final round (10th round) is a strong match, Wales men’s football team meets European Red Magic Belgian men’s feet.

news andBelgian men’s feet ranked in the world’s first in the FIFA national team, in the middle of the star gathered, Lucaku played in the English-Chao Blue Army Chelsea, Debrah’s effectiveness in Blue Moon Man City, once in the middle and superior part (now Correled Dalian People’s Professional Football Club’s Calasco’s effectiveness in the Saidian Bed Single Legion, Little Azar’s effectiveness in Delomond, Melten, Melten, is effective in Serie A leader Naples. Wales men’s footsteps were led by the San Royal Madrocard Star Bel and Serie A old woman player Ramse.

However, this game has nothing to do, website newsleader Belgian 19 points have taken the World Cup tickets in advance, and Wales, which is 14 points, has locked the points, will participate in the addition. The two teams are likely to have most of the main players in snow.

At noon 12, CCTV5 live sports news, introduced the latest sports news. The World Cup qualifier will be the focus of the report. Li Tieguo is in the world news highlights today Cup Asian Qualifier 12 competition Group B, the six rounds of competition 1 to 1 to 1 to 1st Australia, Wu Lei is equal to the score, but only theore is theoretically The possibility. The CBA regular season entered the intermittent period, Guo Allen, Zhao Rui and other players have reported to the Chinese men’s basketball team, and the Chinese women’s basketball team has opened the battle.

At 18:35 late, CCTV5 live champion Europe-2012 World Cup European Pre-selection Competition Collection.

At 19:30 pm, CCTV5 live introduced Chinese football-based old name football night. The national football not only has 4 reputation players who are playing in La Liga Spaniers, but also 4 reputation players such as Alan, Luo Guofeng, Aixson and Jiang Guangtai, but in the World Cup pre-selection competition, as a coach of Lipi Iron has become the sky.

Super League and China League multiple teams encountered fiscal crises, and it is likely to have multiple teams to quit or disband.

The Chinese Women’s Football Super League is carried out in Kunming Haiyi Base, with Wang Shuang and other feuds, Wuhan, Wuhan, Wang Gujiang, a large woman, a Shanghai women’s football team coached in a strong victory.

At 21:00 pm, CCTV5 live broadcast 2021 ATP men’s tennis year-end finals – single group match. Djokovic as an AC Milan fans will compete with Medvedev to compete for the championship.

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