Nine bureaus shorter solution is full base 3 The crisis Yangji away 4-2 wins the sailor

On September 9, Beijing time, New York Yangji continued to challenge Seattle sailors on the west coast.The last game Yangji zero sailed sailor, so that the opponent promotion playoffs is getting bigger and bigger, and Yangji has stabilized the first outer card.In this game, the two sides of the firing will be relatively low, and the leader has been chased […]

Flights still second light + hotel rose 51 times to watch MLB Century Directs to "expensive"?

Text / Front special reporter Xue Lei is from Boston On October 24th, Beijing time, as the final scene of the US duty wander Great League 2018 season, Boston’s red socks and Los Angeles Dodge World Competition finally slammed the water. Boston Red Socks, which represents colored, and Los Angeles Dodge Team, which represents a blue-colored Los Angeles, followed […]

Small people transformation history crow offensive coach how to grow from the ball to the alliance first offensive master

December 4 (Wen / ESPN Jamison Hensley Compilation / Big White) Baltimore Mosa Coll Team recently trained the tactics of running guards in the training camp, which allowed Joe Callahan to recall the past. After the external connection of the array is started, turn to the middle road running cross line, so that the defensive player will take the opportunity […]

What do these data in baseball live broadcast? I understand this article.

In the live broadcast of the baseball game, there are often many auxiliary data information to help us understand the current competition process, then these special identities have shown what it means? Here we list information on some of the scoreboards. Good ball area and ball speed In the live broadcast of the baseball game, most of the perspectives […]

What does the basketball are the meaning?

The full name of these two games is twice. When we get the ball, we need to use one hand. When you take the ball or hold the ball with your hands, you can’t take the ball. If the ball is walking, it is twice, that is, two luck. The second driver is the abbreviation of illegal behavior in basketball. […]

Durant and Haden will give up you! Zhan Huang is desperately desperate, congratulations, and the Lakers really pay attention to you.

Beijing time November 29th, in a NBA regular season ended today, the Lakers defeated the piston at 110-106. In this game, the Lakers’ star Racel Westbrook showed excellent performance, 36 minutes in the audience, 16 shots 10 were taken from 25 points and 6 rebounds 9 assists 1 steals, you can see that compared with the beginning of the […]

The police issued a crime agreement with the patriot boss "娼 娼" or from the allegation

A “Patriot Board Buy Spring Case” has gradually reduced over time over time. However, there is a new progress in cases. It is reported that the Florida police have issued a plead agreement to the new England Patrioper Board Robert Kraf. If Krafte is signed in the agreement, the police will revoke him. Two allegations. According to the Wall Street […]

MLB star guerrilla Turovitzki was released for two consecutive seasons

On December 12, Beijing time, Toronto Blue Birds announced that the Troy Tulowitzki is treattled. After the contract, the blue bird still pays the total amount of $ 38 million in Turovitzky remaining, including the 2021 team chooses the compensation compensation. The injury destroyed Troj-Tovitzki’s career, his back 2 was also to pay tribute to his idol New […]