Carl stable up? Raiders quarterback will be placed on the injured list Mali Horta

September 8 hearing (text / ESPN Paul Gutierrez compile / Aibo) although not as Bears quarterback battle and made rattling, but Las Vegas Raiders of the main long-term quarterback Derek – Karben location is not as in previous years, the season is so safe, but recently he can temporarily do not have to worry about this problem. Raiders officially announced […]

Red socks are unable to defend the position

On August 28th, Beijing time, the Colorado Squad is located at home, ushered in the challenge of Boston Red Socks, and opens the first game of this series. Due to the bad record, the Rociji team has basically no seasons in the 2019 season, and the reddock team is still struggling to struggle a quota of an outer card. […]

The panther announced that Newton will serve as the first quarter! Superman is responsible for the first show

The late official is unpleasant, after all, there will be no one thinks that the Carolina Black Panther signed Kam – Newton is replaced by PJ-Walker. Recently, the Black Leopard coach Matt Ruer announced that the winner of the pre-regular season MVP, the 2011 champion quadruption of Newton will face the Washington competition in Washington in the 11th! And this […]

The list of patriot injuries will then fill a big prize to play the ball Ge God will receive the surgical season reimbursement

October 3 (Text / ESPN Compile / White) Stephen Gostkowski Stephen Gostkowski to enter the 2019 season is not very good in many ways, It is reported that the new England patriots have put this merit player in the injury list. Gostellusk will receive left hip joint surgery, which means reimbursing season. Gostuckski is called “Gobei” by Chinese fans, and […]

Come back! Net net offensive efficiency approximated 10, and the attack and defense is the best state of the crown.

For the Basket Network for criticism, it is definitely a failure last season, and the injury is only part of the series. Let the team aware of the importance of defense. The team has three giants never worry about attack. The defense directly determines the team can go far, the operation of the basket network is extremely targeted, they […]

He is a baseball born in the football strong country will now return to Yangji to the important champion puzzle.

Text / A version DIDI! This is not a alarm, nor is it a travel software. Since June, New York Yangjijie reported, not only the record is stable to the top of the United States, the low-chip transaction has been strong, and the “strange man” Stanton and “judge” Jiaqi’s injury is returned. In the season, I opened a battle to […]

Warrior Development Alliance coach: Kleis is not bad 18 times in front of it.

The Warriors Starcrlana-Thompson has appeared in the training competition of the team’s team of Santa Cruz Warriors. The coach of the St. Cruz Warrior team accepted the media interview. In the interview, Syas Cooper talked about the situation of Clay in the development of alliances. “Obviously, we all welcome him,” Cooper told reporters. “When you have an NBA75 […]