Carl stable up? Raiders quarterback will be placed on the injured list Mali Horta

September 8 hearing (text / ESPN Paul Gutierrez compile / Aibo) although not as Bears quarterback battle and made rattling, but Las Vegas Raiders of the main long-term quarterback Derek – Karben location is not as in previous years, the season is so safe, but recently he can temporarily do not have to worry about this problem. Raiders officially announced on Monday, the team introduced the offseason quarterback Marcus – Mali Horta placed on the injured reserve list, but did not disclose the specific injury.

According to the NFL’s official website reported that Mali Horta from chest injuries, which may explain why Mali Horta passing accuracy during training camp is not stable. According to the relevant provisions of the league this season epidemic, Raiders need three weeks to Mali Horta pulled back into the squad.

In the case of Mali Horta absence, Raiders quarterback DeShawn another name – Kaiser joined the training list. The quarterback last season in the team’s 53-man squad, but never played any game. Last season he was the team adjusted for the Three quarterback, Mike came in Fan position – after Glennon. Raiders next Monday will end the season with the Panthers game, when Nathan – as Derek Pittman – Karl on the bench. Pittman recently restructured his contract, from year to $ 2.133 million non-guaranteed contract Heng-guaranteed contract of 1 million a year.

After the Tennessee Titans played five seasons, the former Heisman winner, second place show Mali Horta Raiders new career with a bad start. After this summer recovering from ankle and shoulder injuries in Mali Horta hard to find his passing sensation in training camp. However, one source said, had injuries not affect the performance of the main Otta Mali, he will soon return.

26-year-old Mali Horta in March as a free agent with the Raiders signed a $ 17.6 million contract for two years, in the 2020 season, his salary is $ 7.5 million. While this is not a starting salary, but for a backup quarterback, this type of salary has been very expensive.

Mali Horta’s arrival is generally considered better able to urge Carl performance, and his running ability is being fully exploited. Earlier Raiders coach Jon – Gruden said it is “a dazzling playmaker,” but Mali Horta’s arm apparently unable to prop up this title.

Since the salary cap problems, the Raiders stretched flies in the offseason, in addition to 7.5 million base salary paid to outside Mali Horta, they have to be laid off security guard DeMarcus Darius – Randall pay 1.5 million guarantee gold; they have to pay three rookie teenager Lynn – Bowden US $ 985,000 signing bonus, although the latter has been traded to the dolphins.

The Raiders currently seven former salary, there have been two lay into the injured list, in addition to Mali Horta, as well as the introduction of last season, wide receiver Terrell – Williams. The remaining five were Carl quarterback, right tackle Trent – Brown, inside linebacker Corey – Littleton, front and right guard Gabi – Jackson security guard and LaMarcus – Joyner.

Horta was included together with Mali’s injury list as well as rookie inside linebacker Tanner – Muse, as a supplement, the Raiders re-signed inside linebacker Kyle – Wilbur and offensive tackle Sam – Yang.