Can not bear to look! C Luo encounters an unprecedented dilemma, the Champions League champion or will become the most important goal

The 13th round of the Premium, Arsenal and Newcastle’s game took the lead in launching, with Saka and Martin’s goals, the gunner finally wins with the score of 2: 0, completely got rid of the rounded league with 0: 4 scores Decline, I have a very precious 3 points on the road, this result is not good news for Manchester United. After all, in Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool basically lock three top four times, there is a top four The competition is very intense.

From the current Fussballtrikots kinder premium situation and the strength of each team, Manchester United’s dispute is mainly Western Hamlian, Arsenal, and hot thorn. Arsenal rebounded rapidly after the early season, the nearest 5 league 4 wins and 1 negative achievements, the momentum can be said to be very fierce, and now the ranking of the standings has jumped to the 5th place, and the leader of the game has reached 6 points, very hoped to compete for four complements.

Manchester United Ben this round to fight against the powerful Chelsea, even if you maillots football have C Luo, but the possibility of failure is still very big, after all, the blue army under Tu Her is almost no weakness, in the shortcoming Champions League team The score of 4: 0 defeated the powerful Juventus, Manchester United this game, perhaps less losing, there is no miracle happening, and will further spread the gap between the front opponent in the standings.

Westernham Union, Arsenal, and the handshak, the spurs are not waiting for the leisure, with the morale and state of Manchester United, to force these three opponents to kill the top four, which is almost difficult to achieve the goal. In other words, C Luo may not have a championship in the next season, I am afraid that I have a fierce competition in the qualifications of the European Union Cup, and I don’t imagine how there is no C speaker.

In fact, the difficulties facing C Ro Ru today is not only the chance of fighting in the league, but also the Portuguese Super Superstar and the Katar World Cup that may be missing next year. In the European preliminaries, the Portuguese team and the Turkish team and the Italian team are divided into a group. If you want to finally advance to the Qatar World Cup, you need to connect to the Turkish team and the Italian team. Visiting four.

The most extreme case is that C Ro Ro is not a championship next season and the Qatar World Cup, such a bad end will undoubtedly a great blow to win. It is not exaggerated that the Portuguese Super Superstar has now encountered the biggest dilemma of careers, fortunately, Manchester United behaves well in the Champions League game, and C Luo can maintain a continuous goal in the Champions League.

Now Manchester United has been launched in advance, which undoubtedly becomes a good foundation for the competition in the knockout stage. I believe that C Luo has seen the championship to see the most important goal, as long as Manchester United can win the Champions League champion, then At least it can also participate in the Champions League event in next season, but only in Manchester United, if you want to win the Champions League champion, you need to take great luck, let us wait and see.

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