C is the final transfer price! Destroy: 0 transfer fee + 2 years contract, annual salary only 37% of Messi

Beijing time on August 26th, C Luo Tuning Manchester City is still advancing. According to Dimuio news, Manchester City provides a 2-year news for contract for C Luo, 1400-15 million Europe. Taking into account the great gods of this Italian transfer market is generally more accurate, we have to say that this is a quote of humiliation, Juventus and C Ron must not agree, both parties still need to continue to talk.

Juventus hopes to return the transfer fee of 29 million euros. This is a critical condition. After all, it takes 100 million to sign C Luo. Now C Luo is indeed high, new update news today but the state is still quite good. However, breaking news breaking news reports that Manchester City is not willing to pay the transfer fee for C-Luo, which makes Juventus very difficult.

The most amazing thing is that Manchester City is only willing to pay 1400-15 million European salary for C Luo, which is some insulting. C Luo’s annual salary of Juventus is 31 million euros. He must be willing to pay small salary, but so much pay, who can accept it? What’s g00gle news more, C Ron is looking forward to impacting new honors, and I will tell Messi, and now this annual salary, even if it is 15 million euros, the Messi annual salary is 41 million yuan compared to the Messi annual salary of the French media. Big.

How to accept such a shameful offer? Therefore, negotiations need to continue. Of course, the reason why Manchester City is also because the team really does not lack C Luo. And it is possible play the latest news of times of india to give a quote, and Kane announced that after the team, Manchester City returned to the next choice.

The only one is worth trustworthy, there is only the left. C Luo wants to go, according to the reason, Mades can do it, let alone Mendes and Manchester City have a good relationship. However, once there is only 37% of the annual salary contract in Messi, C Luo really will sign?

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