Bris leading professional bowls Vote last year ticket king is now no longer playing

Bris lead professional bowl fans vote

NFL announced the latest fans. The four-point guards of the New Orleans Saint Sagam Bris continue to lead the entire alliance with 950,818 votes.

A wave of 10 consecutive victories of the Saint team, as well as Briscity to break the great performance of history records, so that this year’s 40-year-old merits have an unprecedented heat. Even if the Kansas City Emirates “When the red fried chicken” Patrick-Mahomus is also the gap between nearly 70,000 votes, the four-point guard of the Emirates is ranked second by 884888 votes. Today, the top three running guards: Los Angeles Rasquet of Todd Galley (747516 votes), New York Giants Sakan – Bakley (718108 votes) and Pittsburgh Steberty James – Conne (664897 votes) are ranging from three to five respectively.

It is worth mentioning that 6 players enter the alliance time within 3 years. In addition to the top 5 of Mahms, Bakley and Connect, the ravese four points Guardi Gaolg, Saint Saganda, Evil Alvin – Kamara and Emirates Ethere Er is among the top ten. In addition, nine new show or second-grade players are in a leading position in their respective positions. Does this have explained that NFL entered a change in the chartering, we have not known; but the voting of the fans indicated that the collective performance of “small fresh meat” in the past few years is really very explosive!

The 2019 professional bowl will be held in Orlando on January 27, and the current voting time left to the fans remains only. On 13 December, NFL will shut down the voting channel of the fans, and the results of the players and coaches will be announced after a day; while NFL will post a list of official version of the professional bowl on December 18.

Currently, the top ten of the fans vote:

1, Drew Bris (Saint Shediazing) 950818 votes

2, Patrick – Mahumus (Emirates 4) 884888 votes

3, Todd Galley (male running guard) 747516 votes

4, Sac Wan – Bakley (Giant String Guard) 718108 Tickets

5, James – Connant (Steel Man, Runaway) 664897

6, Jarid Gaoff (Wujie quartz) 658150 votes

7. Antonio – Brown (steel people walking outside) 630392 votes

8, Alvin-Kamara (Saint Saganda) 582550 votes

9, Terrek – Hill (Emirates) 560994 ticket

10, Travis – Kyle (Emirates near the Terrier) 551249 votes

Maybe you see this list, it will be surprised that the top 10 is all off-attack group players. In fact, this is not difficult to understand. Since NFL has opened the throttle vote, many fans can simply vote for one person, and abandon the cumbersome website. Vote method; therefore formed this offensive group’s popular scene. Just don’t know if you see this list, what is thought about last year. Who is the ticket of the ticket last year? Not Braddy, nor Rogers, or even a player who played on the court this year! Yes, last year’s ticket king is this year with the steel people to have a boiling-Bell!

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