Bridges talks to defensive Earten and Durant: I have four teammates behind me to help me, Nash: We have not yet formed

Today, the NBA regular season Sunfield has ended. The whole battle, the sun stronted from 113-107.

This game, Sun player Mikal Brichz won 13 points 6 rebounds 1 assists 7 steals.

Talking about the seven steals and the defense against James – Harden and Kevin Durant, Bridges said: “This is not easy, trying to play our tactics, play according to the scout, but I There are four teammates behind you, so this is not all my
people. “

After the game, the Nash coach Steve Nash received the media interview and talked about the loss of this game.

“We are still a team in a forming stage.” Nash said in an interview.

“Our mistakes today are too bad, when you face a team like the sun, you can’t make a mistake too much.”

When I was talking about the basketball player James Harden, Nash said: “For him, this is a tough night.”

“We must work hard to find a way to make Harden becomes efficient. When Harden can’t kill the ban, we have to set special tactics for him at this time.”

This game, Harden is 40 minutes to get 12 points and 13 rebounds 14 assists, shooting 15 in shooting.