Beijing at 8:08 on October 12, the National League East Washington Nationals will go away Busch Stadium challenge NL Central St. Louis Cardinals, National League Championship Series this is the first field, the first to get four wins in the National League Championship Series battle National League team will be the winner to advance to the World Series and American League championship with the team championship. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:[Battle Review]Beginning of the season, the Cardinals are not nationals and like to enter the playoffs. July 13, Cardinals record hovering around .500 or less (44 wins and 45 losses), the national team’s start to the season is terrible, May 24, when still 19 wins and 31 losses. Today, two teams from the National League champion only one step away.Washington Nationals in the past four years in the third made 90 wins, but due to the partition behind the first name of the Atlanta Braves four games and had to battle a wild card. Since 2012, this is already the subject of the impact of the national team its fifth championship, the playoffs four times in the past is a tour, lost to the opponent out in the partition race, the 2012 Cardinals, 2014 Giants, 2016 Dodge and Cubs in 2017.The national team of the season, the ace hitters Bryce – Harper became a free agent and signed with the division rival Philadelphia Phillies after, but tenaciously burst into the playoffs, wild card battle 4-3 victors NL Central Milwaukee Brewers and the National League Division race 3-2 victory over the National League’s best team wins 106 Los Angeles Dodgers, breaking fate, and advanced to the National League Championship Series.Cardinals team returned is 91 wins and 71 losses record, only the second-leading Milwaukee Brewers two wins, won the first name in the region of the League of Nations. In the National League Division race Cardinals 3-2 victory over the NL East first name Warriors (97 regular season wins and 65 losses) and the cut.[Game points]Washington Nationals is the most uneven road playoff team. Not just in team history never won a World Series champion, never even won the National League championship, which is unprecedented in the National League team.St. Louis Cardinals won the National League while it was the highest number of teams, won 11 times the number of American League behind the New York Yankees. Since 2000, this is the 10th Cardinals into the playoffs, during which the Cardinals have won two World Series champions, were defeated in 2006 and 2011, the Detroit Tigers beat Texas Rangers win.National will be inspired to win the National League Championship Series opener it? Or intends to champion the blessing of the Cardinals at home benefit it?[First, Pitcher]Nationals starting pitcher: Anibal – Sanchez (11-8, 3.85 ERA)Nationals starting pitcher right-hander Anibal – Sanchez in the National League Division Series Game 3 when the Dodgers play against 9 strikeouts five innings just four hits and lost 1 point. In the regular season, Sanchez play against a Cardinals only five innings lost three points lost the game. Sanchez play against the Cardinals eight career starting record of 2-4, ERA 3.44.Cardinals starting pitcher: Myers – Las McNair ( 9-14, 4.16 ERA)Cardinals ace starting pitcher Jake – when Flaherty Battle Warriors Game 5, though the first game on the Cardinals made a huge lead, but coach Mike – Hilt left him full cast 6 innings, so he is also the fastest race to the first three games in this series of war.Cardinals starting pitcher Myers – Las McNair won after a break in the normal play of the first field. Maike Las Warriors in the Battle Game 1 when I wanted to throw five innings only lost 1 point, and played no loss of points in the first four games and won the relay wins vote.Mike play against the national team of the season in Las 1-1, 3.00 ERA, his career play against the national team five times (4 starting) 2-2, ERA 4.85.Star [focus]Both teams hit this postseason force superior player listCardinalsMarcel Aozu Na (7-20,3 support base hit, home run and an RBI 5)- Paul Goldschmidt (9-21,2 home runs)Tommy – Edman (6-19,3 support base hit, an RBI triple and 2)National teamAnthony – Clarendon (7-20,3 support base hit, home run and an RBI 5)Ryan – Zimmerman (5-15,1 support base hit, a home run and three runs)Juan – Soto