Behind the stop-sowing archigue and the football cup, "sick event copyright" is abandoned by the market

PP Sports Release 20 Days announced that it will temporarily stop the broadcaster of the League and FA Cup, and introduce a member rights protection plan. The issuance of this announcement allows the domestic sports copyright market to then the waves, causing attention.

PP Sports announced that it is not “signs” this time. In the early morning of the 6th, Beijing time, the 21st round of Fornorence and Inter Milan’s competition suddenly spread in the exclusive new media platform PP sports, but then the 22nd round of the PP Sports is the 22nd round of the PP Sports. Mbappe trikot Normal broadcast.

Before Florence and the International Milan, PP sports issued an official publicity, called signal transmission issues, and suspend video live broadcast. Previously, the Italian media reported that the 21st round did not have normal broadcast because the PP sports did not pay copyright fees on time, while the 22nd round was broadcast because both parties reached a transitional agreement.

PP Sports said in the announcement that due to PP Sports and IMG, it has not reached a consistent, Series League and FA Cup event video live will be suspended.

The reporter has been consulting in this matter. According to internal people, the price and rights issue, PP sports have been communicating with Serie A, and the negotiations of the two sides lasted for nearly one year. In September last year, PP sports has terminated cooperation with Premier League.

It is understood that IMG is affected by new coronal pneumonia, IMG does not have any price reduction against Series League and the FA Cup, and requires payment in advance, and has not been delivered privately. Although the two sides have not reached a consistent opinion of prices and rights, PP sports is required to maintain a continuous payment arrangement almost every month in order to ensure normal broadcast.

The style of the archigue is constantly, and the PP sports will completely give up architects like abandoning the Premier League. The previous PP sports has said that copyright strategic adjustment is based on objective facts and normal adjustments to the transformation of PP sports strategies.

PP sports release announcement. “The epidemic continues to shroud, the price of the event is already a consensus industry, but compared to other overseas copyrights, the premium of Serie A copyright is still in the high level, and there is no psychological expectation in the Chinese market.” A senior industry said, PP Sports CHOTOR indicates that the Joint League will face a new media channel in the Chinese market, which also indicates that the substantial transformation of sports media platform has taken a big step, and the development of the Global Event Market is set up for the development of the 2021 global event market. Base-on – Industry to foam process acceleration, platform transformation speed, “sick event copyright” is abandoned.

The industry believes that whether the domestic media platform chooses to broadcast the act of a newzer itself or the Koszulki lionel messidetermination of the transformation represented behind the behavior, in the development of the industry, the direction is right. For China Sports Media Platform, there is no future, although the transformation is not necessarily successful, but it must be died without transformation. The self-revolutionary active transformation may be an outway.

(Original title: “Stop the proprietique, sports media platform transition to accelerate”)

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