Before the crow run, the interview publicly opposed the "this will let the football career end"

A video of November this year showed that before the Kansas City chief ran to Karrem Hunter kicked the foot outside the hotel elevator. This incident, the emirate is quickly cut off Hunt, and the alliance will put him in the exemption list. Hunter’s career is filled with fog. If Hunter needs any help, Ray Lees can give some extraordinary. Today, the former Baltimore Crow Rogu opens against domestic violence, but he said that he is not to return to the league.

Les is from the crow star running, 2014 he is alleged to violect the fiancee. The video of American media exposure shows that Les is in the elevator in the elevator, causing the opponent to fall in the ground and hit the lost perception on the elevator wall. Les’s behavior triggered a big discussion of American society, he also lost his work. On Tuesday, Les received the exclusive interview with CBS programs “CBS this morning” said that after the incident has been married with his wife. There are already two children. When it comes to Carim Hunter, Les recalled that he had a bitter experience from brilliance and confirmed “My career has ended.”

Les is very grateful to his unmarried wife, thank you for giving him a second chance: “I hate myself, I hate him. Every corner of the world, people are discussing ‘this guy is also equipped with playing opportunities ? ‘

“In my most dark moments,” Less said: “I often ask yourself, I have made such a big mistake, Jenny may also support me, this can be understood. But we have been getting along the day, it is very Good friend. So this is why when I saw Karim Hunter, I would like to know what kind of person in his life, I know that he has apologized, and the woman who is hurt is expressed her own. I want to know what he has happened. “

Les thinks that his career has ended: “This is my first acknowledgment. I don’t have to open a press conference. I will tell you that I have to retire, my career is over early. As a star, I will suffer huge pressure , But I hate it is to be a star. “When talking about Hunter, Less said:” When you look back, contact Hunter’s things, you will find a lot of similarities between them. “

Jenny Parmer was renamed Jenny Less after marrying Les, Jenny said she has never seen her husband to beaten her video. She said that this is the only one in the first time. “I know what happened, I have experienced, I really don’t need to cater to the world and revisit the video over and over again. I have never thought about it, because I knew it from the moment I didn’t know. His intention. It is not forced to understand this. We know that we have different works in two 15 years old. I know that we have different work. I am willing to move forward, put into work. “

Jenny has long been forgived Les to his mistakes, and Les also hopes that there are more tolerances in this world, let Hunt return to the stadium early.