Because the helmet dismissal NFL historical head has been in Antonio Brown?

This offset period, Antonio Brown can be described as a player playing. The original raid fans thought that they finally had a super superstar, but now more and more signs show that they introduce a big trouble. Can Brown still play in regular season? This is a problem.

The seven professional bowls players on the shoulders of Auckland, the team sent the 2019 three-wheeled and five-round sign to the Pittsburgh steel man to exchange Brown talents. But Brown came to the raid, basically never participated in the training, and recently the media revealed Brown’s feet in the treatment process, and so ridiculous injuries made everyone helpless. As a result, local time on August 9th, Brown played a sexual child, he told the team, if NFL didn’t let him wear a vintage helmet, then he would not play.

Sources said Brown has conducted more than two hours of video calls on August 9 for more than two hours to discuss the problem of helmets. Brown hopes to wear a helmet type that has been used in the past decade, but the helmet of this style is recognized this year to unqualified safety, prohibiting wear. ESPN reporters said that the current NFL player, the Arbitration Commission, and the NFL executives in Philadelphia have entered the Brown complaint procedure, and the results will be announced next week.

Brown hopes to bring your favorite helmet, not the new helmet prescribed by the Alliance. Brown believes that the new helmet is safe and better, but wearing too uncomfortable, affecting your own sight, so that your ball is disturbed. In fact, the raid players are very happy, have been sending a new helmet for Brown to the new helmet for him, but the Brown attitude is very clear: other helmets don’t work, non-own old helmets don’t worry.

The Journalists also told ESPN reporters that Brown recently repeatedly absence the training camp is because helmets are sorored, and there is no relationship with his feet. The so-called because there is no suitable shoe to enter the frozen treatment chamber, which is frozen, which is a ridiculous excuse.

In the nine seasons of the Tip Pittsburgh, Brown has always wearing the helmet he thinks comfortably, the helmet model is Schutt Air Advantage, but the helmet has stopped production. NFL rules do not allow players to wear helmets that do not have NOCSAE (National Motion Equipment Quality Standard) certification, and the helmets that have more than ten years of helmets are not allowed to be worn.

NFL and NFL players will hope that the players can wear qualified helmets to prevent the head from being traumated. This round-breaking period, alliance and players will issue a strip to prohibit 10 helmet models from entering the league, including New England Patriots Tom-Bradi’s helmet, Braddy has publicly complained this, but finally Safe new helmet.

The alliance and the player will start testing helmet safety in 2015 until some helmet models are prohibited from entering the league. This season, the alliance continues to implement this provision. If the player wears a standard helmet will be punished. Brown made the helmet’s things in the city of the city, and also caused the Auckland to resent. If you flipped the Brown social account, it will find that many fans will leave a message below.