Azar: Paris is sleepy in Paris, and they are just playing running in the league.

November 26th, Azar participated in the interview of the French Canal + “Football Club” program, during which he talked about Belgian teammate Curt Tac, and his feelings of Lille.

Since this is a program in France, the topic naturally wounds from Belgium to lose to France in the World Cup. After the game, Azar and Kuruva said some “话”. Azar said at the time: “I would rather lose this Belgium, don’t work with France.” For this, Azar recalls: “Of course, now I have been eliminated on the World Cup is still uncomfortable, but this I have already put down for a long time. I did say these words after the end of the game, this is related to me. We have been so close, you have to look at the situation at the time. “

The moderator then said that I hope I can know the meaning of the words of Curt Tac (Note: At that time Kuru called France ‘anti-football’). Azar replied: “Slightly understand the people in Kurot Watt, knowing that he is really this. This is part of his character. I hope that we can revenge two years later. If we lose it again I regret. However, I am very happy that France finally defeated Croatia in the finals. I still have a lot of French friends. 4-2 this score did not make me feel surprised. I didn’t look at the game itself. At the time we were in Brussels. Woolen cloth.”

Does Azar return Aga? This problem is actually his teammate Vitsel in the national team. Azar replied: “There is no need to discuss this problem, but if I go back, I must be backlit. The wonderful time that I have passed there will always be latest sports news today with me. I am 14 years old and Lille signed a contract, I Never thought about winning anything with this team, we really wrote a special story. Garcia coach, and our players, those fans … I will never go to Paris Saint-Germain, I I am not interested in Paris, even if they have already contacted, I have a few times. “

“The Paris is good to beat any team, but the weakness of the Game League is clearly affected to them. They only went to run. The English is not the same, I think this is the most intense event in the world. Indeed, British The team is not successful in the championship in the Champions League, but it is mainly because there is no winter break. In March and April, we don’t have a vitality like other teams. I hope that the winter breaks way to news introduced next season can change this. The situation, even if the winter break is very short. “

Azar naturally did not escape the topic about his future. He said: “If I don’t renew the team, then I will leave next summer. Winter will definitely not go, I have to respect the club and fans, I can’t do this. But with this, I can also Chelsea has a surplus career. “

Finally, Azar talked about Henry that has been deployed by the arsenal fc transfer news Belgian: “Can you have a good thing for Henry for two years. He is more concerned about the ‘true rays’, such as Lucaku and Bausai, but sometimes he will also Try me when I ask me, why don’t I run to a specific location at some point. Of course I will listen to him. Henry is very close to our players. “

A few days ago, Henry mentioned the name of Azar when he was asked to the Golden Globe winner, but Azar himself said that he did not agree to Henry: “I am indeed a good performance in the World Cup, but this is not enough to win such awards. (To make a prize) You must leag in the domestic league, and also have a wonderful performance in the Champions League. “

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