Although the running ball is good, but don’t be greedy, the strongest double threat is a sportsman with a new star.

There is no doubt that Baltimore’s rhetoric Sau Male Marmar Jackson has become NFL new popular characters in the last two weeks; even if the Yuan Lang Baker-Merfield has passed the 4 years old, it has not reduced the public to Jackson Discussion heat. Many people think of he can run, but most people did not think he can run so; so, Cam-Newton, Russell Wilson, Corin-Katnik and Robert-Griffin II have been Take comparison with Jackson.

Of course, it is mentioned that there is always a name that is not open-Michael Victor. The king of the four-point guards in this history, and the four-point guards in the number of single-season passes were talked about Ramar Jackson, gave a very high personal evaluation. He even thought that Jackson was likely to break his career scorpion code record and became the four-point guard in the NFL history.

However, Vik also gave this rookie quad-defense some small suggestions, such as let Jackson “carefully use sports”. “As a quarter-saving, we are not always in danger.” When I accepted ESPN on Tuesday, Vik said, “When we decide the ball, it can help us better complete the game, change Our offensive form; but followed, our injured risk is much bigger than the pocket type! I don’t want to scare the mamar – Jackson, I just want to tell him, use it carefully. Ball. “

It is important to know that Wik is not more than 15 times in the 143 game of career more than 15 times, and his scorpion reaches only 25 games. Jackson? Two games were 37 times, and the first time the first game was tween, and the ball became the highest number of single-scenes of the superb bowl time. Vik believes that Jackson’s most reasonable number of single-scenes is 10 times to 12 times.

The recommendations of Victor are mainly because of 873 scorpions in his career, causing accumulated injuries to his body. “In the later stage of your career, I felt the injury, my legs were more time to take longer than before, although I ran more than 6,000 yards, I was written into history, but these to pay huge bodies Consideration. “Vik this kind of saying is based on his career, in 2003, 11 ribs fractures were absent. In 2010 rib fractures, 2012 and 2013 were averaged for long-term lack of injuries. The influence of injuries. It is precisely because of the accumulation of a piece of injury in his body, there is now the golden rose of Ramar Jackson.

The reason why Vik is so concerned about Ramar Jackson because he thinks Jackson is like him than any active four-point guard. In his view, Jackson has the same height, speed, intensity and some unique temperament, which is different from Kam-Newton or Russel Wilson. In his opinion, Jackson is most likely to break his 6109 yard’s quartz guard record, “This requires him more, but I am very optimistic about him,” Wik said, “he needs in one In the season, the running ball exceeded 1000 yards. He needs to complete a 65-yard shock in some overtime. All the records are used to break, and my record is likely to be refreshed by him in the future. “

Although Jackson scored 190 yards in the first two debut competitions, it was the first two-point guard in the first two sides of the superb bowl. But Vik is an objective point out that his record may be broken by Kam Newton. “Kam seems to be playing for a long time,” Vik said that the black panther team was speaking, “Jackson may break the record after Kamon broke the record.” Current card M – Newton’s career codes are 4737 yards. There is only 1372 yards from Victor, and in his current state, it may fulfill this transcendence after three or four years.

In fact, Vic and Jackson’s exchanges have long been started. Before this year’s draft conference, they often talk. At that time, Vik also “unfamiliar”, predicted that the crow will select him. And he also believes that the crow offensive group, because their offensive coordinator Marty Mount Mount, and the four-point guards James – Erburn is the old acquaintance of Victor. In 2010, the Vik’s first quarter-shift in the Eagle, these two have worked with Vic in Philadelphia. “I know that he (Jackson) will get very good, he is very fortunate, when he is still a rookie, you can get this opportunity.”

Before the next round of the game, Vic may be able to “face the Machi”, and the Sunday’s Crow team challenges the Atlantian Femplay. At present, the coach is intended to let Jackson continue to serve the first quarter; and Victor Just as the Atlanta legend team of AAF as an offensive coordinator. However, the fans may care more about Jackson’s future, we seem to smell the first 49th quarter-free Alex-Smith and the former denim quadrant in Joe-Vlaco’s body.

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