After the diagnosis of new crown, James first voice! No exact return date

After suffering from the new crown, today’s Lao Zhan first sounded, and more pushed: “Some things are true and continue to advance.”

Through Lao Zhan Emo’s expression, it is still very depressed for accidental infection. After all, the team is currently needed, including after the victory of the Kings yesterday, Wei Shao went out of the first phone. I called him.

Unfortunately, Wan Fun is that Lao Zhan is a non-symptomatic infection. This is also benefited from injection of vaccines early to ensure that the body is not invaded by the disease. At the same time, the physique of Lao Zhan is also understanding, so Don’t worry about the problems of rehabilitation of Lao Zhan;

It is only limited to a health and safety agreement. He will lack for a while. At present, Lao Zhan has been isolated from Los Angeles by the team, and the number of isolation days is at least 10 days, and there is no exact return date.

Since this season, Lao Zhan has played 11 games, and the field can drop 25.8 points 5.2 board 6.8 assistance 1.8 steals.

However, everything can be seen in good way.

Just in the game yesterday, the lack of Laohan had to let Wogel call out sparks to enhance the team’s
internal defense, and the use of Huo actually boot.

Replacing 35 minutes, 7 shots 5, free throw 3 penalty 2, cut 12 points and 13 panels of two pairs of data, plus 2 steals 2 cap, the positive and negative value is as high as the second +27! It can be said that if Huo Master Huo is a minute, the Lakers may not win the Kings to win so easily.

Surprisingly, on November 29th for the game, Huo Master is still in the state of DNP. Although the game Lakers wins the opponent, the total number of basketballs is 42-53, less than 11, The frontcourt rebound is more than half of 6-12, and this Woel does not bring Huo Master to play time in one minute.

In the end, it is because the separation https://www.maillotsbasketfr.combetween the old Huo and the eyebrows make Woger take care of cautious measures, or the small Qordan privately sent fruits to Woger, I don’ t know, I don’t dare to ask.

At present, there are 12 wins and 11 losses in the western part. It does not come to a wave of winners to make a paving, there is still the risk of falling out of the season, and now the league has 8 teams with 11 wins and 10 losses. The intense level of competition I want to know.

However, after 20, after the exploration of the 20th, the overall status of the Lakers began to pick up, and the lake tried label was taken down in the middle of the season;

Wei Shao is currently improving in the control mistake and the rhythm adjustment, and his state improvement has also made the Lakers’ offense more orderly.

After the old Joh yesterday, I can https://www.nbatrikots4.comtouch Woger. After all, people are non-grass, it is worthy of, it is worth mentioning that Huo Master Yesterday’s 13 rebounds were this season, he In the case of the opponent, it is really difficult to enter the internal score after breaking through the first defense.

During this time in Lao Zhan, let Huo Master will take a look, don’t come, I will find that the record is not as good as the record, but also to the addition of the game, people are tired.