According to the Associated Press, MLB Senior Ball explores Tommy-Giordano, on February 14, on February 14, on February 14th, I was dying in Orlando, Florida, and I was 93 years old. His daughter told the media: “My father is died because of blood infection.”Although Gordano only played 11 games on the MLB race, he has been engaged in baseball for more than 70 years, and countless young people.”T-bone” lifeGiordano was born in Newark in New Jersey in 1925. His baseball career is not smooth. His father has a grocery store. Father believes that he should focus on school and inheriting the family, rather than playing baseball.Gordan slaves secretly joined the school’s baseball team at high school. He once hides this fact to his father. Finally, the father who was angry was destroyed all his equipment.However, the final father still chooses to support him. In a pre-match ceremony, the father also gave him a foreign number “T-Bone”, which has become a synonym, encouraging his entire baseball career. .However, his career is not very smooth. After ten years after the small alliance, he finally called the Philadelphia sports team in September 1953, but his big profit of only 15 days, 11 games At the competition, he brought 2 physical hits and 5 points in 11 games.Sweeping, gloryAfter retiring, in 1956 he became a manager in the winemaker team. Two years later he returned to the small union team of the sports team. In 1960, he officially became a scout. In the subsequent time, he was effective for the big alliance. In 1976, he began to serve in the Jinyang team, 1987 ~ 2000 in the Indianan, 2001 ~ 2015 as a cavalry Team effectiveness.The old man can be described as a lifetime for the baseball. He and the late Golden Team, the Indian team executive Hall-Peters and the former Warriors president, Operation Manager John Hart is a long-term partner. He is still serving as the Warriors scout at the age of 92, he is still the oldest scout in the history of baseball.The greatest contribution of Giordano is to dig the guerrillas of the Jinyang Cerry Hall Level Tprope and the Red Socks Legend Manni Ramrez. In 1983, the former helped the golden team to win the world

contest, the latter in 2004, helping the socks twice in 2007. In 2007, he was also rated as the best scout in the East coast of Mlb.

He is still not retired year, to give a lifetime for baseball

“I can’t wait to go to the stadium in the morning, I am still studying baseball, I can still do better.” At the age of 91, he was still enthusiastic about his work during an interview with the United States.

At this time, he was hired by a friend Hart, which was the last stop in his scouting. Although the annual event was high, the old man still said to the Associated Press, I like this business, will I have been insisting until I died.

In the scouting, Giordano has always been very careful. He will be careful to observe every player, go to the player from all angles, and he is still a work mad.

Hart is a person who accompany him in the last time of the elderly. He said to the Associated Press, Giordano is like his father, I have been lucky to have him.

The wife of Giordano Bernesi died a year ago, the couple had two children, two grandson and four Zeng Sun, can be described as a young man in a child, and he is still a baseball business. And the continuous exploration, this kind of dedication and persistence of the elderly make people respect.

It is said that “There is often a thousand miles, and there is a lot of Bole”, but it is easy to talk to a good Bole, we are not difficult to find that the success of Giordano is not accidentally, the love and persistence of baseball, and the development of the baseball. His glory. Finally, I hope that the elderly can not be afflicted by the disease, and relieve their own baseball.