9-year-old football teenage tears, why tap us?

Wen | Li Qinwei

A 9-year-old Zhang Dong is the captain of the football team in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. He was trained for 6 times a week from uninterrupted, and he had been insisted for 4 years. Recently, his team won the championship in the district primary school football. After the game, he cried crumpled: “Training every day, attack and defense, very tired … finally won!”

Children shed in front of the camera, got countless than numbers, and touched many netizens. The simple words are full of sincerity, even if it is on the screen, we can also feel the efforts and efforts of football teenagers in these years. There is a harvest, we are happy to bless his future for him.

The india new hindi tears are contained, of course, this child is loved by the football. If there is no love, it is hard to imagine that a 9-year-old child can eat this bitter in training. So, we also hope that the child, don’t forget the initiative of your football.

The football teenager is a shortage of a few minutes, and the image has never lacks the football, the teenager who loves the football in China. The internet segments always say that 14 billion people can’t get 11 people’s starting lineup, obviously, this is not a fact.

Some netizens have joking, and this video should be put to the Chinese football team. Of course, there is “I have the meaning of” Iron and I am not a steel “. However, today’s national team players are actually a teenager who loves football. I believe that their love and persistence of football will not lose to this football. It is to know that the football path of the work to the career is full of hardships and difficulties.

It is undeniable that the performance of Chinese football is still not satisfactory, and it is not optimistic that the foreground of the team in the World Cup qualifier is not optimistic. The mood of the vast fans will not be too good. However, as we said in the football teenager we saw in the open today’s news video, there will be gains.

A more worthy of thinking is how to cultivate the football teenager spread throughout the country to make full play their abilities and talents? When we refer to Wu Lei as “the hopes of the village”, we can explain the players who can rely on it.

Last month, the State Sports General Administration announced the “Sports Development Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”), the internal document referred to some reform directions and goals of Chinese football, saying that men and sockets have achieved the first-class level of Asia. Footballs reach Asia’s leading level.

How to achieve this goal? “Planning” mentioned two important starting: First, for the construction of social football venues, it is struggled to reach 0.9 in 2025, with a football site in the country, and the second is to carry out rediff com news headlines key urban construction in football development, and establish a bodynate integration. The registration system implements 1.5 million registered players.

In combination, it is to let the football get a greater degree of popularity in society and have a soil that is more suitable for talent growth. This goal is of course not easy, but we have no reason to be self-violent, self-resentment, only to catch up, like the football teenager, no regrets, there is a rainbow after the rain.

After several years, I don’t know if the children in the video still remember the excitement of the excitement. I don’t know if he will continue to devote the football business, but I hope that he can get true happiness from the court. Not utilitarian. “Champion”. As long as we can build a healthy football environment, we will wait until the day of breaking news delhi live Chinese football take off. Like the football teen, we should have the courage to stick to it.

Text: Li Qin Yu

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