32 teams in the country, more than 500 people, and the English 7 people rugby tournament ended in the double stream!

Today (July 28), a 2-day 2019 National Youth U Series English 7 Temporary Rugby Championships and the 18th World Police and tottenham hotspur transfer news Firefighter Sports Warmat (Test) Ended in Shuangliu Xie Fei Football Park The 32 teams from the country, more than 500 people participated in the warm-up match (test competition).

Fierce competition is full of passion and wisdom

On the same day, the competition was divided into professional school groups, social clubs and ordinary school groups. Through the level of layers,Professional school group championFrom Inner Mongolia Youth Men’s Football Team,Social club group championFrom the Jiangsu Bluebird Club,Ordinary school group championThe North China Middle School team won the team.

“This year’s national competition, the opponent of the finals is tall, but our team is good, relying on team technology to win the championship.” Inner Mongolia Youth Men’s football team said that rugby sports have gathered the advantages of track and field, football, basketball, etc. A highly passionate and wisdom, but also known as “brave sports” due to the fierce body confrontation.

On the court, the athletes were exciting, so that the audience present was awkward, they hit the umbrella in the snow, “I will come to the fuel to fuel,” I hope they can play good results. ” Guo Xiaofang, who came from Shandong, said Guo Xiaofang, said.

Venue tests to play the World Warning Event

The relevant person in q news mallannacharge of the Shuangli Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau said that the 2019 National Youth U Series English 7 Temporary Rugby Championship is the world’s largest maximum of the highest level of football venue test, the football project in the World Police and Fireman It is also a more important project in the game, and there are more teams, probably 13 teams, in order to better able to complete this game, focus on the competition venue, equipment, personnel, and the entire event process, including competition organizer , Recorders, records, whole mobilization, competition, event scheduling, etc. If some may have problems, the next World Warliary event is made fine.

bengal election news

According to reports, rugby motion originated in the UK, prevalent in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, divided into English and American football. British 7 people ‘s football game is listed as an Olympic Games, Asian Games and National Games official competition project, and the number of people is small, the athletes have increased the relative activity, so that personal technology has better display and play space, fully meets the audience. The enjoyment of the senses is generally welcomed.

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