23.4 points, why can Vints continue to break out? Coicheng is the first hero, the method is really unique

16 wins and 2 losses, the results of the Warriors have achieved

I believe that before the start of the season, who didn’t think of the warrior to get the first achievement of the entire League? It is indeed unexpectedly, in fact, in fact compared with the lineup of the last season warrior, they did not have too many changes, then what is the cause of this?

The answer is very https://www.maillotbasket6.com clear, the Warriors found the chemical response to each other before, plus Curry and Green were kept healthy, the winning culture of the Warriors returned. Of course, you must also mention the performance of Vints. He is still stable after joining the Warriors, and there are countless fans looking forward to him to have a bigger breakthrough, looking forward to him to play all the stars.

After the start of the race, the initial state https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
is still the same as the last season, the field split is stable at 17 points, and the score of each game is basically in 15-21. Due to the warriors and forest wolves, Vilins was completely broke out, cut 22 points in half, contributed 35 points, and the brother began to force.

After the end of the game, the forest wolf player lassale said that every time Vints is always able to explode https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com powerful energy. His talents can be seen, and they will eventually face the game with what attitude. During the game with the forest wolf, when the Vilins broke the Tangs, his emotions were very high, and the entire career can see the situation of Willkins has such emotions “out of control”.

It is worth mentioning that Wigkins can contribute 23.4 points after the game with the forest wolf, far higher than his previous scene, is it because https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com the dunk has opened Vilins’ two Pulse?

In recent referee, I received a referee in the recent referee, and the Cali said: “I shouted the name of the Tangz before the game, and then let the Vintes snail me in the locker room.”

This guy in Curry is a big smart. No one can find ways to unlock the Vinting skills, no one can inspire Vinkins’s desire to win, and now come to see the way to work. I don’t know how much Vilins and Tangs have a hate that makes Vilins so unscrupulously released.

It is true that Green, Curry, Igo Dala, and Thompson determines the lower limit of the team, but Vilins is the player who determines the upper limit of the team, and his talents can be seen. He is a player with great potential. If the vikins will be more useful than the original 73 victory, it is obviously more effective.

I believe https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com that with the return of Thompson and others, this brave really has the opportunity to continue to hit the championship. Warriors’ powerful places is that they rely on the whole to win, and Curry is the foundation of the team, and Vilins is the most powerful branches of the team. In the end, this branch will extend, everything depends on him. The attitude of the game. As long as he has the heart, the Warriors champion is no longer a dream!