32 teams in the country, more than 500 people, and the English 7 people rugby tournament ended in the double stream!

Today (July 28), a 2-day 2019 National Youth U Series English 7 Temporary Rugby Championships and the 18th World Police and tottenham hotspur transfer news Firefighter Sports Warmat (Test) Ended in Shuangliu Xie Fei Football Park The 32 teams from the country, more than 500 people participated in the warm-up match (test competition). Fierce competition is full of passion and […]

Chinese women’s football team will go to tomorrow, officially entered the 2024 Paris Olympics preparation cycle

After returning, the Chinese female olurely held a activity that “bid farewell to the old comrades, embarking on the new journey”, and sent a special specialty for the tanakpur railway news upcoming three darbhanga news today live players.Part of the gift.Yang Min, Yu Xiaoming, Yu Liping’s three old players participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games, and oluntary for Chinese women.In […]

CCTV5 live football night + national football topic + Belgian men’s foot vs Wales + ATP year-end finals

CCTV5 live football night + national football topic + Belgian men’s foot vs Wales + small Germany ATP year-end finals Beijing Time November 17 (Wednesday), Wednesday, because it is Zhou Zhong, today’s CCTV sports event live broadcast is relatively large, 4 platforms will live the World Cup European Qualifiers and ATP men’s tennis. english me news At 3:35 in the […]

C is the final transfer price! Destroy: 0 transfer fee + 2 years contract, annual salary only 37% of Messi

Beijing time on August 26th, C Luo Tuning Manchester City is still advancing. According to Dimuio news, Manchester City provides a 2-year news for contract for C Luo, 1400-15 million Europe. Taking into account the great gods of this Italian transfer market is generally more accurate, we have to say that this is a quote of humiliation, Juventus and C […]

James est banni de la NBA

Lors du dernier tour de la compétition entre les Los Angeles Lakers et les Detroit Pistons, les joueurs des deux côtés se sont affrontés. Les joueurs bien connus James et Isaiah Stewart ont eu un grave conflit lors de la compétition de lancers francs, ce qui a fait qu’Isaiah Stewart est devenu sanglant. James a été expulsé pour une faute […]

Jonathan Marcheso on Vegas Golden Cavaliersin ensimmäinen herrasmies

Ennen kuin Seattle Sea Monsters ilmoitti pääsystään NHL:ään, Vegas Golden Cavaliers oli liigan nuorin joukkue. Nyt Vegas Golden Cavaliers on käynnistänyt ensimmäisen Mr. Joukkueen historiassa hän on Jonathan Malceso. Hän löysi joukkueen, Halvat NHL Pelipaidat joka antoi hänelle mahdollisuuden pelata pitkään ja oli jo antanut hänelle parhaan vastauksen. Kun fanit näkevät Jonathan Malceson suorituksen Vegas Golden Cavaliersissa, kaikki ajattelevat, että […]

Anaheim Ducks stiger til nr. 1 i divisjonen

Det mest avanserte NHL-laget denne sesongen er Anaheim Ducks, som for øyeblikket er rangert på førsteplass i divisjonen. Anaheim Ducks, som rangerte først i fjor, forventet ikke at laget skulle prestere så bra denne sesongen. Da Anaheim Ducks beseiret Washington Capitals 3-2, styrket alle styrken. Under ledelse av Ryan Getzlaf har de unge spillerne til Anaheim Ducks vokst raskt. Alle […]

Brandon Belt accepte l’offre de qualification des Giants

Brandon Belt est resté à San Francisco parce que la Major League Baseball Players Association a annoncé ce soir qu’il avait choisi d’accepter l’offre de qualification des Giants. La saison prochaine, il jouera avec un salaire de 184 000 $ et portera le maillot San Francisco Giants. Toute la carrière de Belt a été noire et orange, et lorsqu’ils l’ont […]

Houston Astros resignerer Justin Wieland

Astros startede deres offseason med et dristig strejke, hvor de blev enige om at gen-signere essen Justin Wieland. Fansene håber især, at Justin Wieland vil fortsætte spillet i Houston Astros trøje. Ifølge rapporter er dette et to-årigt depositum til en værdi af 500.000 USD, som inkluderer en løn på endda 250.000 USD for de næste to sæsoner, og giver Wieland […]